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Euro-Telework has been supported by the European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs, under the European Social Fund (art.6).

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The Euro-Telework project reports on teleworking can now be accessed in HTML. Go to the reports page. You can read the executive summaries of the reports in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish on this site. The full reports are also available, but in English only. We also have a new translation into German of Sebastiano Bagnara's report on call centres. Get it here.

download acrobat reader Download the PDF of 'Trends and Scenarios on Telework & Call Centres' by Wolf Werdigier and Andree Niebuhr, an English-language research report on the future of teleworking and call centres written specially for the Euro-Telework project.

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  • "Telework in Public Sector: a FORMEZ proposal to Public Administrations for a European Network".

  • "L'Accord-Cadre europ�en sur le t�l�travail compar� � la r�glementation italienne". Donata Gottardi, Directeur du D�partement Juridique, Universit� de Verona.

  • Framework agreement on Telework in Europe, 16 July 2002

  • CEMR-EP/EPSU joint statement on telework in Europe, 13 January 2004

    Talking About Telework
    and e-work, call and contact center, multilocational work

    Telework and new forms of work organisation have become important aspects of the drive to create employment in Europe and elsewhere. The European Union and national governments within Europe are keenly aware that the employment opportunities created by flexible and distance working must not be won at the cost of the security of individuals or equal opportunities for everyone.

    Euro-Telework is committed to the idea that new production methods and ways of organising work must be built on a solid foundation of collective discussion and social dialogue if they are to bring real and sustainable benefits. Euro-Telework is the follow-up to Models of Industrial Relations for Telework Innovation (MIRTI), a project whose five language handbook represents a pioneering cross-border approach to best practice in telework (also available in a cd-rom version: contact

    Euro-Telework has brought together organisations in all 15 member states of the EU, plus Norway, to encourage social dialogue and provide useful information for those involved in that dialogue at local, national or European levels. The project has been co-ordinated by the European Trade Union Confederation, ETUC, and focuses particularly on the needs of worker representatives and their organisations.

    Euro-Telework has also included a number of specialist research organisations, technical partners, and individual experts. Details of all project participants can be found on this site. After the project conclusion, some of them have accepted to go on updating this site on a voluntary basis. This opportunity is also open to other contributors, from EU and non EU countries. For additional information please contact: The project has produced:

  • Four European reports on telework regulation, vocational training, equal opportunities, and call centres, based on national overviews from the 16 partner countries
  • Materials for use at conferences, educational seminars, and meetings concerned with employment and labour market changes within the Information Society
  • Two European-level seminars on telework and a series of national meetings
  • This website which contains contracts, case studies, collective agreements, and other documents concerning telework

    Accessing Documents

    To access documents by country, go to the National Reports page. Online Canadian drugstore We ship wordwide! Other pages group documents by type - chiefly, agreements and background information. Details of project meetings are available on the Project Documents and Key Issues page. If visitors need further information about documents mentioned in this site on the national pages, they should contact the project partner concerned.

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    project documents and key issues | resources